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Company FAQs

System FAQs

  • How robust is the eDiary design from a programming usage standpoint? (e.g. mid-study changes, inclusion of unscheduled visits, inclusion of alerts, etc.)

    assisTek solutions are designed with these scenarios in mind. For Example:

    Arrow    Inclusion of unscheduled visits: There would be a button option to include unscheduled visits, and would include pertinent questions/forms.

    Arrow    Inclusion of Alerts: Our systems always have logic/rules to trigger alarms and alerts.

    Arrow    Mid-Study Changes: Mid-study changes are implemented by uploading software remotely to the device. These changes would be incorporated without sending the device back to assisTek.

  • Are there ever problems with transmission?

    Transmission issues are rare, occurring less than 0.05%

    Arrow    Our software has the capabilities to auto-resend data until data transmission is successful.

    Arrow    In the rare instance the device fails or data is corrupted during transmission, the patient data is all backed up on the device SD Card.

    Arrow    For all devices that are transmitting data over a cellular 3G/4G network, Wi-Fi may always be used as a back-up.

  • How do you monitor entry compliance?

    There are several ways assisTek monitors and encourages compliance.

    Arrow    Logic built into the software to ensure the user completes entries properly.

    Arrow    Alarms to remind the patient to complete daily entries.

    Arrow    Text message alerts to patient’s mobile phone, and/or to the study team.

    Arrow    Web reports with compliance details

  • Can the system be qualified as a working database?

    Yes, the system can be used as a working database, including audit trail & query management.

  • What actions are taken in the case of a device malfunction?

    Due to the in-device SD Card, all patient data can be recovered if the device is not working.

    Arrow    A new device will be shipped in 24 hours

    Arrow    Optionally, the patient can collect data on paper until a new device arrives.

    Arrow    assisTek will ensure the data recorded on paper is compliant once entered into the system.

  • What happens if a patient loses their eDiary?

    The patient would notify their site. assisTek would ship a replacement device within 24 hours!

  • How long does it take assisTek to deliver a system for a trial?

    It takes anywhere between 6-12 weeks, depending on customization and complexity of the study.

  • What age groups have used your products?

    All – every age group ranging from young kids battling Cystic Fibrosis to elderly adults recording Angina episodes. System features are always customized based on patient population.