TEK Study Portal

TEK Study Portal

TEK Portal Tracking, training, and reports in one place

The TEK Portal provides real-time data based on synced information from the modules. For security and ease of access, the portal is password protected and provides reports through a web portal or device.


The TEK Portal produces standard reports in real-time, such as:

  • User Manangement
    Training/User Mangement
  • Subject Management
    eDiary Subject Status (Screening, In-Study, Terminated, etc.)
  • Data Monitoring
    Event Details
    PRO Data
    Comliance Reports
  • Device Management
    Device Tracking
    TEK eDiary Assignment
    flow during a clinical trual.


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Real time

Monitor data and create custom reports in real time


Control acess and compliance features specific to your needs


Complete online training for all parties involved