TEK eCOA Tablet

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Effortlessly capture data on-site.

assisTek’s TEK eCOA Tablet is designed to support any
questionnaire used in a clinical trial. This includes Patient
Reported Outcomes, Clinician Reported Outcomes, and Clinician
Rating Scales. Integrating with all other devices in the study, all
data is collected into central reporting.

Depending on the number of questionnaires used in a study, this
can save a study team a significant amount of time and money.
assisTek also has the infrastructure in place to support sites all
over the world, including:

  • Multiple language support
  • International shipping and logistics
  • Data transmission at international remote sites

Use the tablet with any of our other modules or as a stand-alone system and elevate your clinical trial data quality today.


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electronic Clinical Outcome

ePRO – electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes: Patients complete the assessment. There are times that a caregiver completes for the patient.

eClinRO – electronic Clinician-Reported Outcomes: Certified clinician completes the assessments. Many times it is the doctor, practitioner, or nurse.

eObsRO – electronic Observer-Reported Outcomes: An observer completes assessment of the patient. Observer could be a parent, caregiver, or nurse.

ePerfO – electronic Performance Outcomes: Patient performs/participates in a skill and activity is scored. (Walk Test)



Transcription costs and
source data verification


Monitoring costs
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