TEK Configurator

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TEK Configurator
Build your clinical trial from start to finish.

assisTek’s TEK Configurator allows the study team to put
together a clinical trial project from start to finish. Customize
your study to your needs and rely on instant updates of documentation and instructions.

  • Events
  • Questionnaries
  • Screen Configuration Settings
  • Projects
  • Visits
  • Phases/Depositions
  • Groups
  • Helpful Hints

The TEK Configurator provides ease of access across devices
and automatically updates software through celluar data
transmission. Putting together a trial project used to be a hassle
if changes needed to be made due to past paper methods, but
due to technological innovations, assisTek’s modules allow
changes to be made immediately, stopping the interruption of
flow during a clinical trial.


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Add questionnaries, event remonders to fully configure and streamline your project


Update user groups and access rights


Add "helpful hints" to increase data accuracy and increase engagement