eCOA TotalSource Solutions

eCOA TotalSource Solutions

Your total source for easy and accurate clinical data collection.


Our comprehensive solution has been utilized in over 500 clinical trials globally.


assisTek’s TotalSource solutions are designed to collect electronic source data at the point of origin, at any phase of a
clinical trial. eSource solutions allow the end user to create source records electronically without the flaws and burdens of paper source data, ensuring better accuracy and convenience.


Five TotalSource modules;
one configurable system.

Our TotalSource collaborative solution allows for multiple data collection points, whether you want to take a BYOD approach, or use our provisioned devices. Both site-based data collection and at-home patient logs utilize the same web-based system, enabling real time data updates and convenient access.

Your entire study team working with the same data.


Realtime updates and a central database ensure that your whole team has access to accurate and uniform data. assisTek’s unique approach allows multiple users (patients, coordinators, nurses, physicians, and monitors) to record, review, and follow up on pertinent data at any time, from multiple points of contact. All modules can be accessed through multiple devices, including a tablet, mobile phone, laptop, and more, and in multiple locations, whether at home or on site at a clinic. This creates streamlined data collection that is pivotal to study results and improves data quality.

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Additional features of TotalSource tools.

  • TEK Study Portal

    TEK Configurator

    TEK Configurator Build your clinical trial from start to finish. assisTek’s TEK Configurator allows the study team to put together a clinical trial project from start to finish. Customize your…
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  • TEK Study Portal

    TEK Study Portal

    TEK Portal Tracking, training, and reports in one place The TEK Portal provides real-time data based on synced information from the modules. For security and ease of access, the portal…
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FDA guidance on eSource Data


assisTek’s established system meets the FDA guidance and suggestions on eSource, and will have a positive impact on study logistics, results, and cost.

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